Following an issue on new year’s day, access to nukes has been re-enabled.

fallout 76

If you play Fallout 76, then you may have been surprised on January 1st to see that the game’s nuke silos were inaccessible. Following the game’s weekly reset, the silos are usually open again but this time, players found a countdown timer of 9,999 hours. Even worse is that Scorched officers that provide the nuke codes weren’t spawning either.

That’s only part of the myriad of issues that players experience. Fortunately, there won’t be much downtime for those seeking to nuke areas and fight off powerful enemies for Legendary loot. Bethesda recently brought the game offline to issue a hotfix that would fix the issue with nuke silos.

As of a few hours ago, maintenance has completed and the game is available to play. Bethesda hasn’t outlined what caused the issue in the first place. However, it did reveal some of its plans for the new year include new Vaults opening, player vending, a new PvP mode and a large update that will fix a number of pending issues.


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